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1st Citizen Data Science Summit.

Sep 20, 2021

Boston, Massachusetts
Hyatt Regency Boston / Cambridge
Hosted by 


Data Science for Everyone
20 Sep 2021
9:00 am

The 2021​ Citizen Data Science Summit will be held in a hybrid model. Attendees are invited to join us in Boston / Cambridge at the Hyatt Regency for a full day of engaging sessions. Remote attendees can experience a simulcast, and engage in conversation through live chat. 

Early Bird Pricing:

  • In Person Ticket - $50 

  • Remote Attendance Ticket - Free!

Regular Pricing: 

  • In Person Ticket - $100 

  • Remote Attendance Ticket - $25



Why Citizen Data Science? 

Because data is everywhere

Gartner first coined the term "Citizen Data Science" in 2016, describing a diverse and distributed network of analysts, who should be able to create data science outputs without being full time data scientists. Since then, demand for data science expertise has continued to grow unabated. There are more data than ever, more questions than ever - but organizations struggle to prioritize data science asks and suffer from coordination friction.


But when every "citizen" steps up, and data science capability is embedded throughout an organization, time to insight and action can be shortened. Their remit might range from simple descriptive outputs and business intelligence to implementation of machine learning techniques. 

At the same time supporting Citizen Data Scientist requires us to rethink current Data Science tools, organizational structures, and the way SME, Citizen Data Scientist, and Data Scientist work together. The goal of this one-day conference is to bring researchers, startups creating CDS tools, and companies, who want to expand their CDS workforce, together to learn from each other and form new collaborations.

So the 2021 Citizen Data Science Summit is for everyone:


Hear the best practices other leaders have developed while building out democratized analytics within their organizations. 


Learn about new tools and recent research results to make better data driven decisions and where the field is going

Data Scientists

Understand how you can lead efforts to spread data literacy within your organization and increase your data science throughput.


Connect with practitioners, develop new collaborations to test out your research results. 


Conference Agenda

Speaker Bios Coming Soon


Keynote 1: Why Citizen Data Science


Sessions: Challenges in creating and supporting Citizen Data Scientists


Sessions: Tools for the Citizen Data Scientist


Sessions: The Cutting Edge - Recent research results to better support Citizen Data Science


Keynote 2: A Vision of Data Scientists in Every Chair


Sessions: War Stories from Companies and Organizations


Posters & Demos 


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